Panels and Breakout Sessions

Description of Panel Sessions

Panel sessionsDescription 
Topic:Career Paths (Graduate School/Industry) 

Panels: Getting into Graduate School, Graduate School Life, Non-academic physics careers
What career path do I want to follow? A series of panels of graduate students, faculty and physicists from industry will discuss all things a physicist should consider when it comes to choosing the career trajectory—including how to decide between master’s and doctoral degrees, application best practices, tips for a successful graduate school experience, and options in various jobs in industry. 
Topic: Diversity & Inclusion

Panels: Marginalized Identities & Intersectionality, LGBTQIA panel
Two panel sessions of physicists and academics will discuss diversity, responding to discriminatory practices (deliberate or unconscious), and practices to advocate and promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging in professional spaces.
Topic: Professional Development

Panels: Boosting Career with Undergraduate Opportunities, Negotiating Table, CV & Resume Workshop
A series of panel discussions of graduate students, academics, and physicists from industry will discuss opportunities that could make you a successful candidate for various professional career trajectories, ways to effectively negotiate for better job salary and resources, and tips for building a strong CV & Resume.
Topic: Mental Health & Wellness

Panels: Getting Real about Mental Health,Maintaining Work-Life Balance, Managing Imposter, Bias, and Other Challenges; Recognizing & Navigating Power Dynamics 
A series of panel discussions of physics graduate students and academics will discuss essential topics related to ways to maintain mental health and wellness in the workplace, the importance of opening up and seeking help when needed, and navigating and responding to challenges within the workplace. 

Schedule of Panel Sessions

Panel & Breakout Session IRoomPanelists
Getting into Graduate School105Daryl McPadden, Claire Kopenhafer, Pelagia Tsintari
Boosting Career with Undergraduate Opportunities107Lisa Paulius, Alicia Palmisano, Jessie Micallef, Abigail Flowers
Managing Imposter, Bias, & Other Challenges157Candy S. McCorkle, Rachel Henderson, Sofia Karampagia, Hannah Christine Berg
Non-academic Physics Careers159Pooja Deshpande, Sarah Hulbert, Anusha Anisetti, Vashti Sawtelle
CV & Resume Workshop106Katrina Koehler, Dena Izadi, Laura Sloma
Saturday, January 22, 2022Time: 10:30am-11:30am ET
Panel & Breakout Session IIRoomPanelists
Graduate School Life105Artemis Tsantiri, Claire Kopenhafer, Jessie Micallef, Alicia Palmisano
Recognizing & Navigating Power Dynamics in Physics107Rachel Henderson, Anusha Anisetti, Sarah Hulbert
Marginalized Identities & Intersectionality157Diane Roushangar, Madison Fitzgerald-Russell,  Laura Sloma
Getting Real about Mental Health158Dena Izadi, Hannah Christine Berg, Pooja Deshpande, Abigail Flowers
Negotiating Table159Lisa Paulius, Sofia Karampagia, Vashti Sawtelle
Saturday, January 22, 2022Time: 12.00pm-1.00pm ET
Panel & Breakout Session IIIRoomPanelists
CV & Resume Workshop105Dena Izadi, Sofia Karampagia, Pooja Deshpande, Laura Sloma
Maintaining Work-Life Balance157Pelagia Tsintari, Daryl McPadden, Alicia Palmisano, Anusha Anisetti, Hannah Christine Berg
LGBTQIA panel158Rachel Henderson, Claire Kopenhafer, Jessie Micallef, Madison Fitzgerald-Russell
Marginalized Identities & Intersectionality159Diane Roushangar, Megan Grunert Kowalske, Vashti Sawtelle
Saturday, January 22, 2022Time: 4.00pm-5.00pm ET
Panel & Breakout Session IVRoomPanelists
Graduate School Life105Pelagia Tsintari, Alicia Palmisano, Hannah Christine Berg
Getting into Graduate School107Artemis Tsantiri, Rachel Henderson, Abigail Flowers
LGBTQIA panel157Claire Kopenhafer, Madison Fitzgerald-Russell
Maintaining Work-Life Balance159Dena Izadi, Jessie Micallef, Sofia Karampagia
Non-academic Physics Careers107Pooja Deshpande, Sarah Hulbert, Laura Sloma
Sunday, January 23, 2022Time: 10.00am-11.00am ET
Panel & Breakout Session VRoomPanelists
Negotiating Table105Sarah Hulbert, Sofia Karampagia
Boosting Career with Undergraduate Opportunities107Alicia Palmisano, Jessie Micallef, Abigail Flowers
Recognizing & Navigating Power Dynamics in Physics157Rachel Henderson, Anusha Anisetti
CV & Resume Workshop159Dena Izadi, Pooja Deshpande
Sunday, January 23, 2022Time: 11.30am-12.30pm ET

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